Despite Rumors…

…I’m still alive.

Damn, that mulch is tough stuff. Spent all day yesterday coughing up crap and feeling like death warmed over, but much better today. A night of tossing, turning, and feeling jittery did nothing for my desire to leap out of bed this morning, but a rude wakeup call from my Hubs got me moving. Bedtime is going to come early tonight.

A friend reminded me that some of what I’m feeling could be the result of withdrawl from my anti-depressant. Maybe a little. Probably the jittery, paranoid, anxiety-ridden stressed-out feelings. The bad dreams, soaked-with-sweat, heart-racing, dry-mouthed, mental ramblings. Yeah, that’s probably from the medication. I’m pretty sure the fever, hacking, nose-blowing, black-crap-coming-out-of-me is the mulch.

Nonetheless, I’m at work. Putting in my time. Watching the clock tic by. Wishing I would find a way to a.) make it rain – not hail b.) offer up the Gods that be on the Board of Trade something that would get the grain prices to go UP for a change c.) win the lottery or d.) all of the above. D would be nice. Any suggestions?

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5 thoughts on “Despite Rumors…”

  1. Actually, the same thing happened to me when I went off my anti-anxiety pill a little over a year ago. And, it wasn’t even a high dose. It really took about a month to get out of my system before I felt like I got a full night’s sleep. Once a weekend, when I knew I could sleep in, I “cheated” and took a Tylenol PM to force me out.

  2. All the more reason why I would fight tooth & nail against being put on any sort of medications. It’s bad enough I have my own nightmares and insecurities keeping me from sleeping well. I don’t need any help from meds or the lack thereof to make it worse.
    As for making it rain, ask one of them Native Uhmerican types. They can teach you to dance or sumpin.

  3. the lottery is too easy… all you have to do is pick the winning numbers, right? Now turning hail into rain that is more wenchlike!
    And if the powers that be on the Board of Trade were Gods, you might have some chance…

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