Here Comes the Sun…

Sing along everyone!

What a glorious day! I can’t believe how beautiful it is today. The sun is shining, the wind is just a slight breeze, and it’s WARM… in the 70’s! Wow! To make it even better, I’m home! Yeah, I’m cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, all that ‘fun’ stuff, but I’m in my beautiful new home doing it, so life is good.

Have to take a moment and say ‘thanks’ to everyone who was sending good thoughts for my Dad. Talked to him this afternoon and he’s going to get to go home tomorrow! Sure, there will be several weeks of recovery, but he’s in a good mood and looking forward to the next one in January. Kicking himself (and if he wasn’t going to, I was) for not doing it sooner. Why is it the older our parents get the more like little kids they are? <sigh> I’m just so thankful it all went well and he’s getting along so well. Hopefully he’ll be good for Mom.

What a good day…

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