A Little Advice, Please?

I’m just curious… how do you respond to your readers? When people comment do you answer them in your own comments, do you e-mail them, comment on their sites, or address it in another post. I’m just not sure what is the general concessus on this and sometimes I feel I should be doing a better job of responding to you all. I DO read each and every comment and some do deserve a response!

Along the same lines, how do you know if someone comments on your blog from an earlier post? Do you have an e-mail sent to you or do you use something else. I’ve never gotten “into” some of the extra programs I think you can use to do this stuff… Hey! I’ve only been here a couple of years! Give me a break… 🙂

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7 thoughts on “A Little Advice, Please?”

  1. When I can I respond within my comments. If necessary, I e-mail directly. However, I don’t feel a need to respond to everything as some comments are just fine and dandy without any of my extra input.
    With my Blogger comments I get an e-mail with every new comment as it comes in. I click the link at the bottom of the e-mail and see which post they’re responding to, assuming I can’t figure it out myself.

  2. Sometimes I respond in the comments but I’m assuming readers don’t go back and look for responses to their comments much. I don’t tend to look for blogger responses to MY comments on their blog, otherwise it can be a bit of a timewaster, a vicious cycle, you know?
    Blogger emails me their comments. If someone asks a question or makes a comment requiring a response, I may email them or respond to a comment by another comment.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. i like responding to my commenters directly when it calls for it. sometimes though the commenter doesn’t put their email. sad! so i try but it isn’t always easy.

  4. Depends on my mood and how much time I have. Sometimes I respond in comments, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes (although rarely) I’ll respond to a comment via email.
    Lately … not a whole lot of anything. Although you can see I’m doing my best to avoid packing, thus my being on the computer in the hot upstairs bedroom.

  5. Hmmm … I don’t get a ton of comments but if what’s said warrants a response, I usually do it via e-mail, otherwise I worry the person won’t check for a response in my comments. If I was getting a ton of comments per post like some bloggers, I might change that.

  6. I am a poor host.
    Sometimes respond. Sometimes don’t. Always want to. Always apreciate comments. Read and treasure them all. I use haloscan too. Can usually determine what post it is from if it is an old one but not always.
    I read and comment at sites I like and hope those who comment on mine do that as well.
    Take Care

  7. Haloscan e-mails me most of the comments (though some slip through the cracks). I honestly don’t respond to most of them, but I do sometimes, esp. if someone says something that I feel needs to be further explained or debated so that others that read afterward aren’t misled or misunderstanding the intent of the post. I’ll do that publicly. Sometimes, I’ll respond privately, but it depends on what I’m saying and if I think others really need to hear it.

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