Dear Repair Person

I really do appreciate the fact you came when you said you would and you didn’t charge me for the trip, since, in effect, it was something you should have taken care of when the house was built. When I have a fire in the fireplace, it’s nice to actually see the fire… before you came it was merely a small blue glow, but now! Now it is a roaring fire – as it should be. I really hate to mention the small issue with the remote controls. It seems when you turn on the fireplace in the lower level, it turns on the fireplace on the main level! Wow! It doesn’t turn it off, just on… so… will you please come back and fix it? I’ve left a message… Waiting for your call…

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5 thoughts on “Dear Repair Person”

  1. It’s murderous trying to get stuff done. About this time last year we had a NEW furnace installed. It kept making this whirring noise. Not knowing any better, we just ASS-U-ME-d it was “normal” A couple weeks later it stopped working. Completely.

    So I called. The installers had put something in the wrong place and this piece of metal was just spinning around until it finally wore off. I don’t remember the exact details, but this other guy was able to fix it.


    The Dish company sent us a notice saying that the older receiver we have is obsolete. We can either call and schedule someone to come and replace it for us or we can have them send us the replacement and we can ship the old one back. Guess which we’re going to do? Yeah, we can install that sucker all by ourselves, at our convenience instead of waiting around for them to decide to show up.

    Hope your guy comes back soon.


  2. Michelle, Hope you are feeling better soon!!!! That stuff is awlul.Pfease enter me in your blog candy, don’t have that set and would love to get it.Get Well soon!Marcia

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