Dear Satellite Guy

I feel like I’m the bitch from hell. Why? Because all of a sudden everyone is annoying to me. Especially you. You, who told me back in February that DISH network was coming out with a new i-net satellite system in April for the new house… that we still haven’t gotten. Not that it is your fault, you tell me they haven’t followed through. Okay, but when I call you a week ago and ask you to see about the other providers because we really, really hate dial-up and where we live we only have those two choices…and you tell me you will look into it and call in a couple of days… Let’s say I’m not happy.

On a lighter note, your cousin (in spirit) Repair Person has called me back to tell me there are switches in the back of the fireplace remote control that can change the frequency so it will no longer turn on the upstairs one when you try and turn on the downstairs one. Nice to know some people really do follow through…

For some reason, the satellite guy we had before you turned out to be a total waste of time… too busy helping his kid get famous as an Elvis impersonator. I kid you not. Is it something in the genes? I thought you were different…

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One thought on “Dear Satellite Guy”

  1. I think your old Satellite Guy was the one who came to my house and cut the giant hole in the wall. The mice thank him, I’m sure. 🙂

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