Batting Zero

What a worthless day yesterday turned out to be!

I got off work early (noon) thinking youngest daughter and I would get a bunch of stuff done, but the planets weren’t aligned, or some such thing. Everything we tried to do was a big fat ZERO! We went to the florist to see if she had wedding estimate done yet (was supposed to have it in a week – it’s been a month). Also, I’m looking for some dried lavender in a swag or wreath. Of course, when I’m NOT looking for it, everyone has it. Now I can’t find it. The florist closed at noon. Why? Who knows. But it was a handwritten note, so not the norm. Then, across the street to the bridal store to make sure her dress got ordered. Closed at noon on Mondays. Who knew. To a well-known gift shop on Grand Avenue where we found some cute things, but when I went to buy something there was no clerk to be found. Anywhere! So, after waiting awhile with a bunch of elderly ladies who were also milling about, I gave up – put my selections back and we left. Went to the library – a non-event. Then to Mary Kay’s florist – again, no luck. They had some fake lavender and sage in loose bunches, but it was $20 for a very small sprig! No way! We’d been going to a movie, but couldn’t find anything we really wanted to see. Didn’t have lunch because we weren’t hungry enough to decide what we wanted or where we wanted to go. Ended up getting groceries and going home. Whoo-haa! What an exciting afternoon off!

This morning I woke with amigraine and didn’t come to work until late morning. I think it’s the full moon. It’s been keeping me awake the past couple of nights it is so bright. I may have to break down and put some blinds up after all – the sheers just aren’t doing the trick.

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