Call of the Wild

I’m so excited! The coolest thing happened this evening! It wasn’t dark yet and my husband was home and yelled at me to come look out the window. There was a HUGE buck standing across the creek from our house. DH thought it might have been at the salt lick I put out. I put it out a year ago, and have seen no evidence of anything using it, but then the timber and brush have been so thick this summer who could tell? The trees are losing enough leaves now you can actually see it.

We watched the buck meander down the creek a bit, then he crossed over to our side and followed the edge of the field until he was out of sight. DH said he would probably be back, as it appears to be a good way for the deer to move through, along the field edge and creek – lots of cover for them.

As I was watching the deer, I noticed another odd shape on a tree which started moving as I watched and turned out to be a racoon! Don’t usually see them, just the tracks. Had lots of them before we moved in, always getting into my birdfeeders and so forth, but after we moved we didn’t see so many. Now it looks like they may be coming back.

I just love it here. Wish I’d win that lottery so I could stay home all the time!

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  1. I love seeing wildlife in my yard. Especially deer. Raccoons I’m not so fond of since they used to poop all over our deck.

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