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  1. Aha! I went to look and left comment saying I didn’t know her. I’ve just now realized, thanks to Amanda’s comment on the previous post, that she’s your daughter! lol I’m glad she’s blogging 🙂

  2. Moods have a significant impact on our health and our ability to make sound decisions. When something consistently alters your mood for the worse, it’s bad for you. And whatever puts you in a bad mood is bad for hubs and kids too, because moods are contagious.
    Bad moods are often caused by relatives. The trouble is, we tend to put up with lousy behavior from a relative — behavior we would never tolerate in our spouse or children or in our friends. We don’t speak up. We feel that we have to put up with it because they are “family.” But we don’t.
    There is no law that says you have to stay on good terms with a person just because he’s a relative. You don’t. And trying to stay on good terms might bring you down and, by contagion, put your Hubs and children in a bad mood often enough to affect their health and their ability to get along with others.
    It’s only a matter of luck whether your relatives can also be your friends. If you didn’t get lucky, don’t worry about it. You have your Hubs and kids to take care of. And there are plenty of people other than your relatives you can have for friends — people who will treat you well.
    Should you write off a relative who brings you down? No. There’s a better way. Simply being honest and not judging.
    This will help you clean up a relationship. Those who bring you down will tend to gradually remove themselves voluntarily from your life.
    this has been an excerpt from “Ask unkle mike”

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