Skeet for Dummies

This would be my neighbor. This would be my neighbor at 8 o’clock last night. After dark. Shooting. What the hell is he shooting? It’s dark. It isn’t like he’s shooting the random racoon or possum off of his deck… or squirrel for his supper. Unless he is a horrible shot and it takes him twenty times to hit the damn thing.

I suspect he shoots skeet. I suspect he does it with a group of people, either that or he has several guns loaded and goes from one to the next without hesitation. There are too many shots that go off too close together to be one person shooting, then reloading.

I suspect he’s getting ready for the long weekend. It seems long weekends are made for him to shoot. All. Day. Long. …and into the night. He has become the worst thing about living in the country. Him and his gun. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind hunters or an occasional practice session… but it is like Chinese water torture (not that I’ve ever had Chinese water torture)… one shot after another echoing through the countryside. Over and over and over again. Even the pups spooked last night when they were out and the shooting resumed!

Yeah, I’m grumpy. Tired and grumpy. Asshat.

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3 thoughts on “Skeet for Dummies”

  1. After 8 PM, no big deal. Let the guy shoot.
    After 9 PM, start to get upset, but realize that people still function around that time of night.
    After 10 PM, call the cops. Sure people still function, but a city has to have standards.

  2. I think maybe it is time you familiarized yourself with the chinese water torture, maybe you could practice on your neighbor…
    I know a guy who knows a guy that can get you a 50 gallon drum of chinese water and a copy of the beginner’s manual; Chinese Water Torture for Dummy’s… (not having read the manual myself, I am not certain if the title refers to newly apprenticed practicioners or the subject of the Chinese water torture.)

  3. Unless the place is very well lighted, there’s no way he could see skeet after dusk. I know this because I’ve seen guys try it. No way.

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