The Superbowl of Iowa

This weekend is the big interstate rivalry between the University of Iowa in Iowa City and Iowa State University in Ames. Seeing as we live less than 10 miles from ISU, have two children who are alums of there, have worked on campus in the past, and like red much better than black… well, you can pretty well figure out who we’ll be rooting for.

A local radio station had callers call in and give them jokes to use. I a couple of them amusing.

Q.What do Reverend Billy Graham and the U of I football players have in common?
A.They can both make a stadium of 50,000 people say “Jesus!”

Q.Why do U of I graduates put their diplomas in their car windows?
A.So they can park in the handicapped spots.

Anyone who knows me knows I love jokes, but have the worst memory for them in the world. I laughed all the way to work, then could only remember these two. Go figure.

Go Cyclones!

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3 thoughts on “The Superbowl of Iowa”

  1. I understand there is a typical beer company poster located somewhere just ouside of a U of I campus bar sporting a typical curvaceaous blond in the ad.
    Scrawled in magic marker are these words:
    “If you see anything like this in Ames, you’ve had to much to drink. Don’t drive.”

  2. Then there was the U of I student who after four years of supporting the football team was heard to say at a Booster Club meeting;
    “Why can’t our team get new uniforms every week like the other team does?”

  3. *giggling* Those are cute jokes Sue! 🙂
    As is the one Michaelpipes put in the comments about new uniforms! (That would be the way I thought, with the little I know about sports!)
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend Sue!

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