Monday Mutterings

We won’t talk about the football game. I SAID…we won’t talk about the football game. *sigh* Other than that, Saturday was fun. Missed the girl, who had to work, but the rest of the gang made it and we had a great visit with everyone.

As usual, I didn’t get near the stuff done I’d planned.

When I let the pups out at 5 a.m. today, I could see my breath! Do you know what this means? Yes…it’s friggin’ cold out! I can’t believe the change in the weather. A high today of 57… and all week is supposed to be like this. Brrr! I noticed some trees in town starting to change, too. Of course, we got another 1-1/2 of rain over the weekend and the creek is full again and the fields are full of ponds and mud. I hope it dries out enough for harvest to be muck-free, but don’t see that happening.

I don’t have much for you now. Come back later. Maybe I’ll be awake. Have a good Monday.

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  1. The A/C is still cranking in our 90 degree weather. The weather man says we are going to have a cool front next week with highs ONLY in the 80’s. I’d kill for some 57 degree weather. I hate heat.

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