Give Me a G…R…U..

M..P…Y…! What does it spell? Yeah. Exactly. I’m going to rename this blog the “weather window”. In case you didn’t know it, farmers are obsessed with weather. To be honest, it does have a great deal to do with:

a.) how the crop grows
b.) if the crop can be planted and/or harvested and
c.) what are we gonna do today

Remember back when I was complaining about it being dry? The faucet has been turned on now and it seems to have a leak. Another 80% chance of rain today, tomorrow, and through the weekend. One of the big forecasters has us in another 2-3″ range. Plus, the big OH SHIT at this time of the year, wind. We’re supposed to have 45+ winds along with this system.

For those non-farm folk, this means the corn stalks that are all dried down and ripe for the combine to snap them off as it goes through the field… well, it’s perfect for a high wind to snap off, too, and leave the ears on the ground. Not a good situation. Hubs has to go round up a different head for his combine today – one that is better at raking those downed ears into it. A lot of ears will still be lost, though. Plus the cost of the new head. Yes, crop insurance (which we pay through the nose for) will cover part of the grain loss, but it makes harvest that much harder, longer, and more stressful.

Is it any wonder I’ve had stomach pains for the past week? What does an ulcer feel like?…

Update: I added the radar map. This is what it looks like as of 2:25 p.m. cst – we live near Ames, right in the middle. Fun, fun, huh?

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3 thoughts on “Give Me a G…R…U..”

  1. “The weather outside is frightful…” I hope we are taking some of your wind away and not sending it your direction, the windy weather has the kitties spooked, they are not accustomed to this and don’t know what to think yet. Me, I took down my “Don’t come knockin’ if the house is rockin’ ” sign…

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