Fingers In The Pointing Position

Ya know… before you start pointing fingers at my husband, your eldest son, and warming up to send him on a guilt trip because he didn’t drive to Minnesota on Friday to the funeral of his 80-something-year-old-uncle-by-marriage that he’s maybe only seen eight times his entire life and wasn’t close to at all… you might want to turn that fickle finger of fate around and point it at yourself, missy… you who didn’t fly home from Ireland when your own mother died.

All I’m sayin’.

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2 thoughts on “Fingers In The Pointing Position”

  1. I always considered grief a personal thing to be handled anyway that helps you. As a young man, my grandfather and grandmother passed away when I was overseas in the Navy and I was unable to be there for their funerals, and I often thought of that as fortunate as I am so terrible with the pomp and protocal involved in those sad services. My death – manners seem to be in defeceit and I never known how to act or speak around others in those situations. I mean I had a strong back I suppose I was negligent in offering it to tote the caskets out to their final resting place but otherwise I had nothing to offer a group of mourning family and aquaintances. One on one is another matter, but I am so not a group hug kinda guy.

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