Slap me.

I need to wake up.

Friends came in yesterday from the deep south to stay for an indeterminate time. (Is it rude to ask someone when they show up how long they are staying for?) They went straight to the field and one rode in the combine with Hubs, the other one chiseled ground. They all straggled in at 10 o’clock last night, then proceeded to shower and have some “cold adult beverages”. Dinner did not get consumed until 11 o’clock. That’s too friggin’ late for this old broad. Truly.

I was rude and went straight to bed after supper. I think I peeked at the clock and it was about 1 when Hubs came to bed (talking to me, no less). I lay in bed wondering why the lights were still on in the other room, figuring maybe Hubs left them on for our guests. I tossed and turned for another 30 minutes before the quiet convinced me no one was there, then went in search of the darkness.

I found Hubs had left on the downstairs outside lights (right under our room) when he was giving the guys “the house tour”… as well as leaving some light on in the livingroom. No wonder it was so bright around there!

5 o’clock came awfully early. Hubs was up by 6:30 as I was leaving – that surprised me! It’s raining today and I don’t think much harvesting will be done. I suspect a great deal of “cold adult beverages” may be consumed.

I just want to crawl back in bed.

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10 thoughts on “Company”

  1. Um…people don’t even get to spend the night at my house UNTIL I TELL THEM when they are leaving. It sounds like these folks are helping with your harvesting work though…was that part of the deal? I don’t live in a farm world so I don’t know how that stuff goes down but here in the city I’m a total hardass about house guests.

  2. I have the same problem with certain houseguests, i.e. my inlaws. They never let me know right away when they plan to leave so I have to prod my husband to coax it out of them because it’s HIS mom. I don’t want to be the one saying, “Hey, welcome to our home, when are you leaving?” hee hee.

  3. Respondent and I used to get into it when her mom would come to say for a few weeks into a month or two. Drove me nuts. When I visit anyone, I’d actually prefer to stay in a hotel. I just like to relax in my own space and have trouble doing that at someone else’s house. Also, my adult consumption habits go a little beyond cold beverages and I don’t like to deal with that issue in people’s homes…unless they’re fellow Deadheads.

  4. Well, the way I deal with that sort of stuff is that I generally stick to my own schedule. Dinner is ready when it usually is, and if they’re not there, it goes in the fridge. Next time, leave them a note telling them where the food is, to heat it up if they’re hungry, and clean up when they’re done. And go to bed when you need to go to bed. If people are going to impose upon your hospitality, they should have the good manners to fit themselves to your schedule.

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