Weekend Update

This isn’t here now, but it’s coming. They say it’s going to come this afternoon – maybe up to 2″!

Friends left suddenly on Tuesday afternoon. They were going to stay longer, but one of them had some trouble with their heating system at home and he was worried about his family, so they left early. This caused untold troubles with the in-laws. Ours. My BIL (also known as Mr. Weeny-Whiney-Woo-Woo) had a shit fit and fell in it when company left without visiting them. Oh, boo-hoo. I’d done the “good” wife thing and invited BIL’s whole family and MIL over for supper Tuesday night so they could see the visitors. After kicking myself profoundly, I was let off the hook when the guys decided to go home and my BIL’s family decided not to come. MIL still came, but she was diluted by my daughter and younger son with his girlfriend. Nonetheless, my BIL pouted and ranted at Hubs for letting them go. WTF? It wasn’t our responsibility to make sure the visitors went to visit them! Good grief. Grow up.

Of course, the day after they left, I got sick. I’m on the upswing now, but two days of ringing, aching ears, pounding headache, and tumbling tummy made for a not-so-happy person. I really don’t have the time to take off right now to lay about. At least with all the rain and wind we’ve had, harvest has been slower than normal so my workload has been busy but still managable. I dread seeing what my desk is going to look like Monday, though. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, don’t panic. I’m just hiding under my desk.

I think Monday night younger daughter and I are going to eldest daughter’s house to carve pumpkins with my grandson. Should be fun! Haven’t done that for years …

I’m not thinking the snow will be around long, and I’m sure it’s not suitable for it to stick on the roadways yet. Still… it is coming. I know winter is just around the corner. I’m smiling on the inside…

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  1. Feel better. LOVE your nick-name for the BIL! And SNOW – as we were walking around outside today, I was grumbling about how hot it was for the end of October and was glad to get back in the air conditioning!

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