This guy is coming to town. Well, not our town, but close by. Today (this afternoon). I’d love to go see him, but have to work.

I am about as far from the political mainstream as the log floating in our creek… and as active. I have never been Republican or Democrat, voting instead by whichever candidate impresses me the most by agreeing with my point of view or pissing me off the least.

This whole controversy going on around about MJ’s political ad and whether or not he was drugged or not drugged or playing for sympathy… well, it just makes me mad. It’s blowing smoke at the point. Stem cell research is probably going to save a great number of lives – maybe even my own – and voting for the candidates that are supporting it may be one of the better things I’ve done in my life.

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6 thoughts on “Politics”

  1. I just don’t do polotics any more, I was very sad for Michael J. Fox when he announced he was retiring from acting because of his parkinsons disease, and I support stem cell research.I’m not too sure I know how I feel about cloning beyond the sci fi applications. The reality of what cloning can do to society as a whole is a little beyond my grasp. This is a matter that will affect your children and their childrens lives and for once (hardly the 1st time) I am without a clue as to what opinion to follow.

  2. I’m all for stem cell research and it makes sense that one that suffers from the disease is trying to promote an effort that might help find a cure. I think where he erred is that he should’ve just campaigned for the research and not specific candidates. To me, this is a medical issue, not a party one.

  3. It’s a party issue if a certain party candidate is against the reasearch.
    however, none of that changes the fact that Rush Limbaugh is a complete and total moron. It is frightening that so many listen to his crap and believe what he says.
    To make the accusations he did is reprehensible and if his listeners had brains and free thoughts (which they don’t…all they can muster is a “ditto”) he would lose a lot of them for even suggesting MJF was faking it for sympathy.
    Just a total idiot.

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