Isn’t She Pretty?

This is not MY car, exactly, but it’s a picture of one just like MY car. My NEW car. My very special “girlie” car. (According to my daughter this is definately a “chick-car” scaring Hubs out of ever thinking of driving it without me.)

I have a gas-guzzling 2001 Chevy Tahoe that we bought new, but when it was purchased it was Hubs’ vehicle. I got it a year or so later when he decided he really did want a nice pickup to complement his work truck. It’s a red and silver two door and it serves a purpose. I wouldn’t want to be caught in the Iowa winter in the country with two feet of snow and no four-wheel drive. However, with gas prices the way they have been, and the fact that I do like this vehicle and don’t want to get rid of it – I’d like to keep the miles off it – I rarely drive it anymore. Unless I need a reliable vehicle to go out of town or need to haul something large.

I have not had a new car since 1989. I have a tendency to bond with my vehicles. My 1989 Honda Civic was a cutie when she was young, but through the years she got passed on to kids to drive. (Through garage doors. Twice. The gas tank cap was sprung. The windshield was cracked. The rust is barely holding it together. Several gallons of Mountain Dew were slopped here and there. I don’t drink Mountain Dew. There is some mystery substance staining the back seat. I don’t want to know. Honest. Speakers for the stereo are blown. When you drive down the road in the dark with the headlights on and the fan motor kicks in, the lights dim. There is a rattle. Oh, who am I kidding? There are LOTS of rattles.The interior lights no longer come on when you open the doors – probably out of embarrassment for how bad she looks. She tries. Her heater still works great and the air conditioning keeps up fine. She still gets great gas milage, too.) Then a couple of years ago, my son got a new car and I got the poor thing back. She’s been a good girl, but she, like me, is getting old. She’s a manual 5-speed and although I really love driving a stick, my body doesn’t much anymore. I’ve got a trick knee that is okay most of the time, but occasionally will “stick” when I use the clutch. Not a good situation.

One day while daydreaming, I mentioned to Hubs that someday I’d like a new “beater” – what we call our junk cars to keep the miles off our “good” vehicles. I’d always thought the Beetles were cute, but hadn’t driven a new one so wasn’t sure if I’d even like them. A few days ago, out of the blue, Hubs showed me some on the internet. He’s such a sweetie. He’ll totally forget some things, but other things… well, he remembered and it was a surprise.

Saturday, after getting off work at noon, daughter and I drove to another town 40 miles away to test drive a 2001 model. They let us take it back home to show Hubs. The dealer said he’d meet us back at the store in a couple of hours. It drove like a dream. It was so much fun! I fell for it. Hard. As we drove back on the lot, the dealer had a distressed look on his face. 20 minutes after we’d driven off the lot, a man who had been looking and test-driving that car several times that week came in and gave him a cashiers check. He’d sold it right from under us!!!

Hubs exact quote when I called to tell him was “well, I’ll be dipped in shit”. Yeah. He’s a farmer. Can ya tell?

The next day or two were filled with angst. Hubs scoured the Sunday paper for another one but this one was the “luxery” model and they were not to be found. After thinking on it, Hubs just said “Let’s go look at a new one”. Never thinking I’d find another one that would be what I wanted (I can be a bit cynical at times) he, daughter and I drove to the nearby big city dealership to check it out. There, my friends, was MY new car. It’s got all the do-dads and gizmos and extras you could ever want, in an affordable, cute, hell… even FUN… package. Yes, and here is where my “only child syndrome” kicks in… and it’s MINE. Although, technically, Hubs’ name is on the title… ’cause I will share…

Now she just needs a name.

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12 thoughts on “Isn’t She Pretty?”

  1. OK…you’re right…definitely chick cars. Realized this a couple of years ago that I didn’t think I’d EVER seen a (straight) guy driving one that wasn’t a company car (i.e., Geek Squad or Bug Control Companies). So I started paying more attention and in the past two years I’ve seen only ONE guy (don’t know if he was straight) driving a Beetle on his own. (Guys driving with their wife/girlfriend don’t count…just assuming he’s driving her car.)
    As for the name…I have no idea why, but Betty springs to mind.

  2. You’d think someone who didn’t like clowns wqouldn’t go so out of the way to get a clown car. Unless you have, like 20 friends you need to bring someplace.

  3. hmm, pet name for a Beetle…. did you know Betsy is the number one nickname for cars in america, although Betsy Blue has a pleasant ring to it. Here are a few suggestions; Sparky, Beetlebutt, Vwench, the Wenchmobile, the Blue Beater, Wenchwagon, Ringo Car, Scooby Blue, Beetlebug, the Road Bug, Old Cerulean, Sue’s Blues

  4. I thought of Baby Blue, ’cause I’m guessing that car is going to be your new baby.
    Congratulation on your shiny new wheels.

  5. Oh, I LOVE the little Beetle bugs. I think they are TOOOO cute. I’d love one in either lime green or bright orange. But, a 2-door car + car seat= not a great combo. Perhaps one day far, far off in the future when I no longer require a mom-mobile!

  6. My uncle had one of the originals, with the engine in the back. He looked totally retarded in it though because he’s six ft. five. Congrats on your new car!

  7. Cute!
    I’m jealous!
    My mom develops fondness for some of her cars, though how she has time, I have no idea since she and my stepdad replace their vehicles within four years. They have it offset by about two years so that they aren’t replacing both their vehicles in the same year.
    I’ve had some recent car problems with my car, which I like well enough. It’s almost five years old and my mom was like, “you should do like us and buy extended warranties on all our vehicles and replace them after four years.”
    Okay, what’s the point of an extended warranty if you’re not even going to own the car as long as the warranty exists????

  8. Mongakim reminded me that my Dad had a good friend and fellow fireman named Logan that drove a 1962 VDub. He was 6′ 8″ and didn’t need a group of circus clowns getting out of his car to be entertaining…

  9. Very cute car! My daughter would love for me to have a “slugbug” as she calls them. Oh, and my first new car was a 1989 Civic. Was yours silver?

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