Can you guess?

I found out MIL isn’t going to leave town until the 26th. She will be home for Christmas. We’ll be having Christmas eve at her house with “The Brats Boys” and family and she’ll be coming to our house Christmas day.

I knew if I celebrated too soon it was going to come back and bite me in the butt.

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7 thoughts on “AARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!”

  1. You can always come out to Cailifornia and spend a grey Christmas with me and mine… we can make snowmen out of tumbleweeds and throw frisbees at each other in place of snowballs! Deck the halls withboughs of dates and figs, watch the Hollywood lighting company install Christmas scenery, lights, and decorate the traditional palm tree in the front yard… Go see surfing santa at the beach mall, harbor light parade in the bay, Santa Mickey and Goofy Clause at D-land… you know traditional stuff…

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