When I was growing up one of my favorite holidays was Thanksgiving. Usually it meant going to one of my grandparents’ for dinner, or some of them traveling to have dinner with us. It meant a day when bickering was put on hold (for the most part) and the tummies were filled with yummy goodness. Early on, and into my teens, I thought to myself… I am never getting married, I am never having children. Partially because of the selfish nature of the beast (only child syndrome, you know) and partially because of the turmoil I saw around me in my own family and others.

Many years later, I am a happily married woman with four beautiful grown children, a whole houseful of critters, and a few good friends – in the real world, and in cyberland. Although it turned out a whole lot different than what I’d imagined so many years ago, I love my life. Hope you can say the same.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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