Happy Birthday!

My eldest son turns 29 today. I can barely realize that… 29 was the age my husband was when we met!

My son has so many good qualities. He has such a good heart and is so compassionate. He’s very sensitive (although he tries to cover it with a hard candy shell). He is handsome (yes, I know, I’m his mother but I can still say that) and is the one out of all of my children most likely to actually own a piece of formal wear.

He enjoys music and video games and a few television programs that I’ve barely heard of. Mostly he enjoys hanging out with his new fiance’ just cooking dinner and hanging out. That is such a nice thing. I’m so tickled he’s found such a beautiful (inside and out) woman to share his life with.

He loves his family and can always be counted on by his siblings… and is always good for a laugh. I don’t know too many families that can claim their children all get along. We are so blessed that ours actually do.

I’ve always thought of him as my dreamer. He’s always planning or creating something and has goals set long ago that he keeps striving for. He’ll get there. He’s motivated.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie…
Love, Mom.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Wow – I don’t look for a couple days… I come back and there’s a bunch of new posts. 🙂
    Made me smile because you sound like my mom talking about my brother (who turns 29 this year)… but who’s not quite so together. Alas.
    Congrats to your family on the addition of a new daughter(inlaw).

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