The Tax Man Cameth

Got to meet with our lovely tax accountant this morning. No, he looks nothing like this. He even had a smile on his face!

One hurdle toward year-end on the farm. This is the part I really, really, really hate. Hubs knows I get all stressed and grouchy and my face becomes one huge ache from clenching my jaws all day long. It’s not really that bad. I know that. I can tell myself that. I can repeat it as a mantra until I am sick of hearing myself say it. It makes no difference. I still get stressed about it.

The next hurdle is to go talk to the banker. Same thing. Year-end. Wrapping up this year and setting up for next year. I think we’re going to try to get it done this week. I hope so. I just want it to be over so I can get on to the normal stresses of this time of year. You know, the “fun” ones.

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5 thoughts on “The Tax Man Cameth”

  1. The tax proceedure is almost as painful as seeing the dentist, I know, but just remember to accept the things we cannot change…awww hell you go ahead and grit your teeth all you need to, but do it quickly like ripping off a bandaid… and it will soon be over!

  2. Hang in there sweetie, running your own business is seriously stressful sometimes. I watched my folks do it for 20 years…I’m sending some good thoughts your way.

  3. Hey, Sue! Email me your address and Hubster and I will send you and your hubs some of the fabulous soap he’s been making this year.
    It’s been crazy – did 4 craft shows between August and November. Recently he had several orders totaling 56 bars! So he was a soap-making fool in November.
    I think in January I’ll see about getting our blogs back up again. I think The Director misses blogging.

  4. Rhea – Thanks for stopping by!
    Michael – from your lips to God’s ears!
    Miss Bliss – Thank you. I appreciate all good thoughts.
    Grumpy! So happy to “see” you! I can’t find your address. E-mail me first… lol.

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