Take It How You Will or Urgent Request!

This isn’t exactly true. It’s just how I feel right now. Sloppy and weird. You who have your minds in the gutter can leave now…

I am usually extremely organized. I may have piles here and there, but I know what’s in those piles and can generally put my hands on most whatever it is I need at a moment’s notice. So, is it age or am I just going crazy? (Maybe we won’t think about that one too long, either.)

Last year I had a list of all my blog-land friends addresses and for most of the year I knew exactly where it was. I kept seeing it. First here, then there, then here again. I kept moving it from place to place, always aware of exactly where it was being put, as Christmas was only… a few months away. *cough*

Yeah. You are getting the idea. Do you think I can find this list, now, when I actually want to use it?

So… if you like me… or maybe just feel sorry for me… and you got a card from me last year or would like to get a card from me this year… could you please e-mail me your address again? (sesnyde at hughes dot net) I really do value your friendship and I didn’t mean to lose you… honest.

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3 thoughts on “Take It How You Will or Urgent Request!”

  1. That is soo sweet that you think about sending to other people. I don’t need a card but that does remind me to send some e-cards today! Do you want one? LOL

  2. I can certainly relate, I recently purchased some gift certificate stocking stuffers for my family and received them in the mail. I opened one to examine the content and satisfied, I set all the letters on my dining table to wrap and personalize. Of course, being the procrastinator I am it didn’t get done that day, instead I moved them to the top of my (bill paying) desk to be readily available in a day or two for final processing. Christmas is nearing, and yesterday i finally make time to finish off my stocking stuffers and I look over my gift certificates, one is missing, the one I opened days before. I tore the house apart all day searching for the missing card, doing my best not to accuse my felines with their feloneous history but the card was missing. I finally located it on my bedroom dresser as I prepared for to retire for the evening wadded and loosely folded with some recent purchase receipts as if it had carelessly been shoved into my pocket. No memory of that and certainly no idea why on earth I would do that.
    Old age? Sanity issues? Maybe they follow hand in hand…

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