The Eldest

31. That’s how old my eldest child is today. I’m a little late getting this posted (more about that tomorrow) however, the sentiment has been with me all day. She’s an adult. She’s a wife, a mom. She’s a wonder. She was a second “mom” to her siblings during my darker days. She was the backbone of the family. She’s paid the price, too, and I will always regret that. She’s remarkable in her ability to forgive.

I’ve written before about her birth story and about the two-month prematurity that had to be dealt with. She was 3 lb. 5 oz. at birth. Think about that. Get out a pound of hamberger and look at it and hold it in the palm of your hand and visualize three pounds of hamberger in your hand. Now visualize trying to diaper that three pounds in a newborn diaper. That was long before the days of the “premie” clothing and diapers. She lived in doll clothes for many months. Blessed with minor health issues at her birth, there has never been a doubt in my mind that she was saved for something special in her life. Whether it was to give birth to her beautiful son, or to do something else, it brings me such joy to see her reaching milestones – so many years after those days of touch-and-go.

She’s a beauty. Porcelain skin. Sandy brown hair. Bright blue eyes. A smile that won’t quit. Yes, I’m probably biased. That’s okay. I’m allowed. More importantly, she’s beautiful inside. She has a vulnurability and a naivity one expects in someone much younger… and a laugh that takes many a person by surprise in it’s spontaneous combustion; far too loud for such a little person. Sneezing she inherited – not one delicate “achoo”, but several in a row – the ones that get the uninitiated patting you on the back thinking you must be choking, not sneezing! She loves to play WoW (yes, she is the culprit who got me hooked!) and when playing her fingers fly over the keyboard as she carries on conversations and moves her player through the “world”. She’s always up for a good movie, but be sure it’s not too violent. She hates that and for years would be the only one who would go to her room instead of watching whatever the rest of us found and exciting pasttime… now she’ll go, but hide her eyes.

My eldest. My strength. For a little while? My only. I love you, daughter. Happy Birthday.

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  1. A very sweet sentiment for a very sweet woman. Your appraisel does her justice, and know that all in the land of WoW, particularly the Arcana Draconi Guild she is known and respected by everyone. As they respect you and all your family. For you are the Motherwench matriarch of Malfurion!

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