Putting Away the Christmas Decorations

Okay, to be honest, they’re still up at home. I decided I needed to put them away here in blog-land, however, so ta-da! Here we are fresh and new in our winter coat. Unfortunately, it is drab and grey and brown here in Iowa. I know, I shouldn’t complain. Hubs keeps telling me he’s happy not to have to fight the snow. I know in my mind it is safer for driving and walking and general well-being not to have a foot of snow on the ground (let alone ice). Me? I’m ready for a good two-feet of blizzard where I can snuggle up next to my fireplace with a bunch of warm-blooded critters and just veg. Not much hope of it in the forecast. Darn.

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11 thoughts on “Putting Away the Christmas Decorations”

  1. Here is Florida I often find it funny when people let the Christmas decorations linger…I don’t know why though. Maybe because it looks silly to see the red bows that are hanging outside turn brown and crusty under the heat of the blazing sun! It’s about 85 degrees today!
    Hope you get your snow soon!

  2. I love the new color.
    My favorite part of snowy weather is the whole going into a warm house after braving the cold, drinking something warm, snuggled with a good read and the cats at my feet. Pure bliss.

  3. We’ve been pounded with about 4 feet of snow for the last three weeks. If I could send some to the Iowa farmer (who need it for their crops) I would send it in a heartbeat.

  4. Be careful what you wish for – didn’t you guys get a ton of snow late last winter?
    However, I know the feeling, we’ve had very little snow up here in MN and my husband’s a snowmobiler and normally takes an annual trip to northern MN to snowmobile this time of year but they’ve got no snow up there! So he’s planning to go to Montana instead. And clever Montana, they have radio ads here that beckon Minnesotans to their state for winter fun.
    As for Christmas stuff, we’re taking ours down this weekend. I joked to my husband that we should aways make it a Martin Luther King holiday tradition to take down our Christmas decorations.

  5. I like the new look. I think it’s neat that you change with the seasons or whatever you want to change with. Of course, I’ve never seen or been near snow like that. And that’s quite all right with me. I don’t like cold weather at all.

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