Feelin’ Mighty Cocky

Yes, you heard me right. I’m feelin’ might cocky right now. Remember Monday? Yeah, right down there, below this post. I was bemoaning the fact we had no snow in the forecast. Mwhaa haa haa.

We are expecting snow. Big-time. Soon.

Rain starting today, turning colder tomorrow, to ice, then to snow on Saturday afternoon and a chance of HEAVY snow on Sunday and Monday. 6-12 inches. Blowing. Cold. You know, winter!

Some of you know what this means. Grumpy Bunny (not blogging at the moment), Miss Sizzle, and possibly one or two others of you… it means… jammie days are coming! Whoot!

I need to go buy a lottery ticket. Who knew I could be so powerful?

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7 thoughts on “Feelin’ Mighty Cocky”

  1. Hi! I couldn’t very well not return your visit, now, could I?! 🙂 I peak in every once in a while, but am not a frequent commenter in general anymore, so take no offense…
    So it’s all smiles for you, then, now that the snow is coming. Oh c’mon; no complaining allowed; you asked – no, STOMPED – for it! We’re getting a mixed bag for the next few days…some clouds, some rain, bit o’ snow, some wind…Ms. Sizzle has it right, though; a full blown crappy day to warrant staying at home sounds pretty good right now.

  2. Unlike most in our city, I haven’t been able to have a jammie day with our storms yet…but the upside is that I also haven’t lost power!

  3. I have jammie days, too. They’re just shortie jammies. I’m sitting at my computer in a cami top, and it’s quite comfy. The heater hasn’t been on in days. In fact, last night I actually considered turning on the AC. It did cool down enough though that we had to sleep under an extra sheet (not blanket). About the most we ever need around here is a flannel sheet over our regular sheet. The down side is that all of us are sneezing, snorting, and coughing. The warm January has brought out the cedar pollen in a thick haze. Lots & lots of folks have “cedar fever”. That includes me. My nose is having a mucous marathon.

  4. we’re expecting ice and with that comes power outtages. what? i don’t think i could survive without internet access, cable t.v. for the kids and a steady stream of my alcohol to warm the blood.
    good luck to you!

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