Back to the Norm

Back to the norm after it turned out to be a pretty un-eventful holiday weekend here. I was to go to a wedding out of town on Saturday, but woke up about 3 a.m. with stomach troubles so didn’t go. Hubby and youngest son went to race Saturday night at Webster City. It was the last ‘season’ race. Son ended up 2nd in points overall and 2nd that night. He decided not to race at Supernationals in Boone. That started last night. Hubby went to watch, but son decided not to race this year.

Youngest daughter worked Saturday and Monday (got overtime for Monday). Oldest boy went to several out-of-town things; A wedding reception in Minneapolis for friends who eloped, then had the party. A concert in Apple Valley Wisconsin, and he was supposed to go to Chicago to a ball game yesterday, but they came home early. They’d been camping and gotten rained on at the concert, then were just cold and miserable, so skipped the game. Son admits he’s more of a town kid – likes things like showers, tv, toilets, air conditioning, beds. LOL!

Son-in-law-to-be had bike races in Fayettville, Arkansas. He came in 11th overall out of 20-some. Their big news was the purchase of a washer and dryer this weekend. Daughter found them online through a Sears ad, then SILTB purchased them and made arrangements for hook-ups next weekend. It was fun to see them both so excited…about something so un-glamorous!

I made more in-roads into my craft stuff. Got some more things put away this weekend. Right now I’ve not messed much with any craft stuff except cross-stitch. I’ve got a sampler I’m working on for daughter and SILTB, plus a couple of things for the house. It’s been frustrating to know what I want to find for the house, then not being able to find it – like a dried lavender swag or wreath. Do you think I’ve been able to find one? NO… when I didn’t want one, they were EVERYWHERE. Now that I do… well, I’m about the point of having to make my own, but even the supplies have been hard to find or extremely expensive. Picked up a few things the other day at Hobby Lobby, but it still wasn’t really what I wanted.

My weekend excitement! I was sitting out at the end of the deck yesterday reading and one of the chipmunks came scampering up… first, sat on the chair next to me, then before I knew it, he ran up my chair and sat on my shoulder! He sat there for a good 5 seconds before he realized what he’d done (or I did) and then he ran back down, sat on the chair next to me for another 15 seconds or so, then scampered off. I decided he was trying to tell me he wanted food, as I’ve been putting birdseed out in a shallow pan for them (there are two we know of) and they’ve been putting it in their cheeks and running out and storing it in several places. At any rate, it stormed on Sunday evening and night, so I’d taken the dish in as it was blowing around. I hadn’t put it back yet until he came and sat on me, so decided maybe that was a hint. Hubby wasn’t home, but got a kick out of it when he heard about it.

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