Strike Two!

…and another day has come and gone and the new ‘puter is still in the box.

I must add that I’m one step closer, tho’. I think I got Hubs all fixed up, and Son has everything at his house and connected – even if I still have some twinking to do on his as far as setting up the i-net, e-mail and so forth. (Don’t give me any grief. Twinking is an accepted technical term.)

Today? Maybe? I may even take tomorrow off from work just to make sure the bonding process is complete. Those of you who get new computers understand that, right?

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3 thoughts on “Strike Two!”

  1. I know it is always something. When the power was out last week my youngest was on the computer and it booted up to a corrupted directory error. I tried repairing the directory structure and booted to safe mode but ended up having to do a repair install. Still some twinking to do on his too.
    Take Care

  2. My ‘puter is “twinked” but I am banned from my only addiction (aside from pizza and pop, ice cream, reading, etc…). I don’t know which is worse, not binding with your puter or falling out with your favorite game… cold turkey!

  3. It does take quite a bit of time to switch to new computers. I think it took me a couple of days as well and I didn’t even have that much on it. Then I started loading things on to iTunes and that took another week. Good luck finishing it this weekend!

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