Oh My Freakin’ God…

…it’s COLD! It was -2 degrees on the way to work this morning. Wind chill is -22. Yes, those are both negative numbers. I know, I know, I said I wanted winter. If you recall, I specifically said snow. Not ice, not this frost-bite shit, but snow. C’mon… work with me.

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13 thoughts on “Oh My Freakin’ God…”

  1. Anyone asking for snow is actually asking for winter and therefore deserves the consequences.
    Why can’t you ask for something beneficial and fun like dollar well drinks or lap dances?

  2. Well that’s just GREAT! I know whatever weather you get is surely coming this way to Chicago. Something to NOT look forward to.
    It’s freezing here, but not bone-chilling, nostril-freezing like you have it.
    How much time before it gets here, you think?

  3. Yeah, my parents, who live in a nice warm climate, called the other day and asked, “We heard it’s cold in NYC. Is it snowing?”
    I had to explain patiently that it was TOO DAMN COLD for snow, that snow happens only in a certain temperature range that’s just below freezing. They were confused.

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