For Jen

No, they aren’t socks*. Yes, they’re upside down. They’re stocking caps for premie babies! My mother gave me the pattern and the information. There is a place you can send them to Africa where the babies are all much smaller than they are here in the U.S.
Or, in my case, I am sending them to the hospital guild for the premies born here. They took such wonderful care of my premie 30-some years ago. It’s taken me awhile, but I’d like to repay them in some small way. So, six down and who knows how many to go?
*These are my first attempt at knitting something that isn’t square or rectangular.

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  1. Oh, Sue, how lovely! Pretty soon you’ll make booties, and then – dare I say it? – SOCKS! You go girl! Keep on knittin’. They look awesome & just think about all those lucky babies who will feel the love and warmth in every stitch on their li’l noggins…..

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