Gung Ho

Not only is the wedding ‘on’, but today we (bride-to-be and myself) went to look at a bridesmaid dress that had been ordered in to check for style. Just got back, and it’s a beauty. Will work perfectly, and the price isn’t too bad. Things are progressing. Whew! She tells me things are better than ever since the blowup. Seems they were having a bit of a misunderstanding on some things but the air has been cleared and it’s all been resolved and there is peace in ‘engagement land’.

The day is sunny, windy and cool. A crisp fall day. I’ve heard it could change later today – becoming cloudy and raining tonight. Earlier they were talking about snow coming after midnight, but now I think they’ve taken that out of the forecast. Darn. I really am looking forward to the first snowfall.

Yesterday I had to be on the road for a couple hours running an errand, and it gave me time to reflect on how much has happened this year. For one thing, it was a year ago this week that we broke ground on our new house. It hardly seems possible. I remember looking out at the creek and trying to picture how the house would sit on the site and what it would all look like. Now, it’s here! I told DH that early this morning I was awake, lying in bed, when I briefly saw car lights on the wall. That was a surprise! Since we moved in the leaves on the trees have been too thick to allow any light from the road to penetrate. It’s still quite a ways from the house to the road, so it’s not going to be a bother, it was just surprising that it was noticable at all!

The other thing I’m noticing is although I’ve always been rather a ‘homebody’, I’m waaaay worse now. We went out to dinner last night and it turned out I really didn’t want to go. I wanted to be home. I’m all for someone else cooking – I can do takeout – but I really want to be curled up in front of the fireplace watching tv in my snuggly jammies. Felt really good to get home.

Well, I feel I’ve accomplished something today so will just be comforted in knowing all is right with the world. Again. For now.

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One thought on “Gung Ho”

  1. I find that I’m more that way than I used to be too.

    Once I get home, I really don’t want to go out again. Unfortunately with the pooches, I do have to make a run home for them to pottie. But sometimes, once home, I’ll talk myself out of “needing” something I was thinking about all day at work.

    And not to rub it in, but I think one of these next 4 days is going to have to be a Jammie Day.


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