Lighter Topics

  • Why do you always cough and sneeze more at night than in the daytime?
  • Why do you have more weird dreams when you are sick than when you are healthy?
  • Yes, you genius you… You figured it out. I'm sick. Had a dream last night that Hubs was trying to kill me. I was in on it. We were trying to make it not appear to be suicide so he'd get the insurance money. I was fine with it. Suppose I've been watching too much "Crimes that Shook the World"…? No, I'm not suicidal and yes, Hubs loves me. It was just a dream, people…
  • What foul language is the dog saying when it barks at the squirrel sitting on the other side of the sliding glass door? The squirrel doesn't seem to care. Maybe it doesn't understand "dog".
  • It has been in the upper 40's and low 50's this week. Incredible. The creek has thawed and is flowing once again. The grass is starting to show in big patches in the yard. The seven foot pile of snow created by Hubs plowing the drive is down to about four feet. The dogs are no longer rushing out and rushing in, but want to stay outside and investigate all the newly revealed ground… however, they still want to pee on the snow. Go figure.
  • Spring is not yet here. We're under winter storm watches already for the weekend. Thunderstorms on Saturday, changing to freezing rain, then to snow on Sunday with 50+ mph winds.
  • Thank you for all the kind words on the last post. I can only repeat… at least he's not MY brother. Sorry Hubs.

Happy Thursday.

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6 thoughts on “Lighter Topics”

  1. If I have fever, I have really, really weird vivid dreams. I think the other thing is that if you’re sick, you sleep in the daytime, and the sounds and rhythms are different than typical night sounds and rhythms you are used to. They intrude into your sleep and you incorporate them into dreams, which tend to be weird.

    We probably do NOT want to know what the dogs are saying to the squirrels. I’ve also heard the squirrels do a dandy job of scolding the dogs. Nothing can scold quite as briskly as a squirrel. I don’t care to know what those little rodents are saying either.

    We’re having days up in the 80s now. We’ll have some more cold weather, of course, but I doubt it will be either long lasting or very frigid. I’m guessing no more freezes. Our official last frost date is March 15. What is it in your part of Iowa? What’s your growing zone. We’re right on the cusp of 8 & 9.

  2. Your dog is shouting at squirrel “Why do you hang out with that crazy moose any way?!?! If you see Natasha Fatale tell her she can rub my belly any time!”

  3. your dream sounds like a recent episode of Veronica Mars, suicide for insurance money. It is harder to pull off than you might think. Insurance companies don’t like to pay off policies anyways…

  4. I just have weird dreams whether I am sick or healthy, although once when i had the flu, I dreamed I was Emma Peels rubber cat suit in the ‘A touch of brimstone” episode of the Avengers. mmmm Diana Rigg…

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