Button Down the Hatches *Updated*

I just heard the weather forecast for the weekend. Now they are saying rain, then turning into about a 1/2" of ice, then 6+ inches of snow and high winds. Exact quote was "blizzard conditions". I'm not real excited by the prospect of losing power… the power company says their lines are designed to hold up to 1/2" ice with 40 mph winds. Let's all keep our fingers crossed we keep the power and everyone who had to be anywhere gets to and from safely. Me? I'm going out to run errands tomorrow – yes, I'll be one of those people hitting the grocery store to take every last gallon of milk off the shelf – then pop into work for a minute or two to make sure they remember me. After that I plan on hunkering down at home in front of the fireplace with the bread baking and the chili cooking…

I'm such a creature of habit! 

UPDATE: Hubs just heard they are now predicting up to a FOOT of snow here… Holy Cow!

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  1. Good luck – I hope you don’t lose your power. We had a wind storm that was so bad that some of my co-workers didn’t have it back on for several days.

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