Turkey Time

To most of you this means it’s nearing Thanksgiving. To me, this means a little different thing. Our company distributes free turkey’s to all of their customers who spent x-amount of dollars with the company this year. So, actually, it’s not ‘free’ free, but it’s a nice gesture. The only trouble is, it comes at our busiest time of year! This means, not only are the guys I work with stressing big-time about getting fertilizer on the fields, but now they are stressing about having to deliver thousands of turkeys (company-wide).

Personally, I don’t mind it…but then, I only deliver a few to the landlords and people that my husband farms with. It is a nice opportunity to touch base with these people and thank them for their support and business through the year – without asking them for money or having to pay them money – or having some stressful topic to have to discuss. Most people are surprised to be getting ‘something for nothing’, too. That doesn’t happen often nowadays, either.

So, next week we start the mad rush to deliver the birds… Hey, I get one, too! That just means it can’t be long until Thanksgiving day…

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