One of Those Things That Pops in My Head When I Least Expect It

Who was the first guy to decide… "Hey! I'm losing my hair on top. I think I'll just let all this hair on the side grow long (only on one side, though) and comb it over the empty space to fill in. Then, I'm going to spray it will some heavy-duty hairspray so when I get in a stiff breeze, the whole thing will lift up in one big wing and I can pretend I'm flying! Of course, this new look will totally make me a chick-magnet. Much more so than letting all that bare skin on the top of my head show, 'cause you just know people hate the look of bare skin. Anywhere."

What a trend-setter.

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9 thoughts on “One of Those Things That Pops in My Head When I Least Expect It”

  1. I’m not askeert to show a little skin, but it is a pain to shave the few remaining hairs I have on top of my shiny skull so often I just buzz the whole thing, recently I went into a one last long haired hippie look (or the Beethoven locks as I prefer). But I would NEVER comb over! You are right, it is too difficult for me to imagine what someone is thinking when they do that to themselves. I found a website that may shed some reflective light on the balding combover issue:

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