Self-indulgence and Idiosyncrasy

I've admitted in many a post that I'm not typical. My views on many things are skewed, as are my relationships and tolerences. Yesterday a new kink was discovered. I have decided I must not like to be touched (except by Hubs, of course). I'll explain:

For Christmas my Hubs got me a gift certificate for a local spa. They have many different services – everything as basic as pedicures, to full body massages. I decided to treat youngest daughter (off on spring break) and myself to a couple of facials. Not having had one before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I figured it would be decadent and relaxing and a wonderful tension reliever. Well, silly me…

The woman was extremely nice. She was well-groomed and there was nothing to put me off about her, the room, or the ambiance. I was led into a small, dimly lit room with a massage table and "New Age-y" music swirling around the room. I was asked to partially disrobe and to make myself comfy. I lay on my back, and linked my fingers over my mid-section, patiently awaiting her return. It wasn't long.

She was very good at what she does, I'm sure. I had several layers of goop brushed on my face, hot towels to remove said goop, lots of massaging – including a deep massage that went into my neck and shoulders – right where I carry a lot of my tension. My problem? I'm not sure… I just kept catching myself tensing up. First I noticed the clenching of my jaw. I do this often when I'm stressed. I figure many times my tension-headache-turning-into-migraines start there. It is something I catch and if I catch it, can make myself stop. Unfortunately, I caught myself doing it over and over during the massage. The other thing I caught myself doing was tensing my arms and clenching my hands. You know, the ones that were resting gently across my mid-section. WTF?

This was supposed to be restful. Relaxing. Soothing. FUN, for god's sake.

What the hell is wrong with me? (That's rhetorical, people.)

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5 thoughts on “Self-indulgence and Idiosyncrasy”

  1. Whatever’s wrong with you is wrong with me too. Instead of being relaxing, a massage just tenses me up. I don’t like people grabbing on me either.

  2. I am not a touchy-feely guy, I get embarrassed hugging family members, but I enjoy a good rub down by someone who knows what they are doing. I did not react well to my 1st deep tissue massage though, I thought personally it was a cruel joke shared by an asian culture in a foreign tongue to be sure I didn’t “get it”, until shortly after I left the clubhouse. I then felt years younger; invigorated, strong and full of energy I didn’t realize I still had. Those sessions are still not very pleasant to endure for me, but I get one every now and then just for the recharge that boosts my body and consequently my mind. Shakras, mantric peace and other psycho babble aside, as painfuul as the therapy may be, I always walk away ‘feeling’ exceedingly better. As far as spa facials and foofoo waxes and such, what can I say…I’m a guy and clueless.

  3. Maybe you were just more aware of the clenching. I find that sometimes when I’m in a situation where I’m supposed to be relaxed I find myself thinking about it, thus heightening my awareness of the tension.

    Could be that you weren’t more tense than usual, you were just aware of it.

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