Who’da Thunk?

Wedding_topperMy two sons are getting married. The eldest, in July, and the youngest next February. They are both marrying wonderful women. They are both having black and white weddings. That's where the likenesses end. However, who would have ever believed that it is my sons that are the traditionalists in their relationships?

I've been asked by both brides-to-be to help with various things such as cake-tasting (oooo…twist my arm again, please!). In chatting over wedding plans with each of them, it has been mentioned more than once by each of them that they can't believe the traditional thinking that is coming out of their grooms-to-be mouths. Well, they couldn't be more surprised than I am!

I admit, I'm a little bit different when it comes to the whole mom-thang. Yes, I have a phobia about wanting to know where they are or more importantly, how to get in touch with them at a moments notice. (I can't find my previous post about this, but will update when I find it)…But I am not all funny about needing to have 10 grand-kids or demanding they all have the "big" wedding productions. Amazingly, I'm finding that the boys are all for that! Huh. I guess you're never too old to learn something new about your kids.

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