Happy St. Pat’s Day!


I had a hard time getting this to come out big enough for you to see, but it's SNOWING. All that white stuff on the ground? Wasn't there last night. The grass was beginning to green up and tulip and crocus bulbs were starting to sprout. We even had a day or two in the seventies! I woke up this morning at 5 a.m. to take the pups out and there was a dusting of snow on the sidewalk, and the air was filled with flakes. This photo was taken a few minutes ago – about 8:30. It's still coming down pretty good. I haven't heard any forecasts, so don't know what they're calling for. I do know we're not supposed to be too cold, so don't think this will stay long…and it is very beautiful coming down… but…

It's supposed to be spring!

Hubs is sitting in the house being "mr. grumpy" because he had plans of working in the yard today (still trying to get rid of some of the ice storm debris) and his plans have been dashed. He doesn't do well with boredom. Unlike me, he doesn't have the necessary skills to "entertain himself" and gets into what he calls the "bored but lazy" mode. This is not a fun state to be in, trust me.

The good news, is, it is St. Patrick's Day! My paternal family is from Cork County, Ireland, and for my father St. Pat's day has always been bigger than Christmas. He's retired now, but in his younger day he would take off St. Pat's…and the next day… and spend the day celebrating. Lots of butt-pinching, kissing, wearin' of the green, and sure…green beer. He's toned it down now to watching the parade and drinking green beer.

Me? I'm proud of being Irish even when it isn't St. Pat's… and everyone else claims to be Irish. Youngest daughter, with her auburn hair, pale skin and devilish wit could be the poster girl (woman) for Irish heritage. I got my auburn hair from a bottle (better than white on this pale-face, trust me) but I have all the rest. Tonight we'll actually be going out. Rather an off-hand celebration – it's our seed corn company rep having his "customer appreciation" dinner – but it will be at a small local restaurant where you "burn your own" steaks and can drink like a fish if you so desire and is practically within walking distance of home. Seeing as it is free… all the better!

So, all of you out celebrating  – be good. Have fun. Please have a designated driver. And if you think about it, you can come take this snow. I've had enough now. Thanks.

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  1. OMG, is it Rube’s? it was THE place to go with parents when I was in college. I never went, sadly. Happy weekend, as much as you can – such sad news about the guy who went missing. 🙁

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