With all the snow we've gotten, and now the warmer weather, the inevitable has happened. It's melting. That means lots of flooding in various areas of the state. The creek outside our back door ran the highest I'd seen it for many years – but went down to normal levels pretty quickly. The large front yard where we used to live and our son lives now is about the size of a football field. The whole thing was flooded. Luckily, the house sits on a slight rise, so there was a ways to go before it would be flooded, however it was the highest I'd seen the water since the infamous "floods of '93" that was supposed to be a 500-year flood. As I drove to town one day last week, the whole bottom next to the Squaw Creek was flooded – the banks of the creek totally overrun.

Later that night, Hubs saw on the news where a 79-year-old man had gone missing in a small town to the north of us, and the rescue units were looking for him. Hubs recognized the name as a friend of his mothers', and checked with her (she had gone out of town with brother-in-law's family over spring break). She called back and checked with friends and discovered it was her friend. His wife had gone to town and when she returned home she found his garden tractor near the bank of Squaw Creek where it runs near their home. He evidently had been doing something to try and keep the water from coming up into their yard. Officials think he got too close and was swept away in the rushing water. He was finally found a few days later about one-half mile from his home. Dead.

When we were at the customer appreciation dinner last night we sat next to a neighbor of this man. It seems he had a dog that he took everywhere with him. The neighbor says the dog sits by the bank of the creek where the man went in – still waiting for his master to come home. Aren't critters amazing? So sad… not only the loss of this man in a needless accident, but the poor animal that can't understand that his master is never coming home.

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  1. Wow…this just scared the pants off of me. Made me worry about my folks in Oregon. My Dad is 80, Mom is 70 and they are both the sort that would also do something a bit ill advised in a situation like that, gah. I mean, it’s not stupid to try to stop a problem but sometimes you shouldn’t do stuff like that when there’s no one around to notice, quickly, that you’ve had a problem. I tell my folks all the time to please be aware of each other’s location on their property and to not do anything dangerous when they are alone. But I know it’s hard to live like that, I know it’s hard to change the way you think and do things just because you are older. Criminy…nothing to do but trust in the Universe.

  2. Oooh, that story is so sad. When my step-dad died, we could all tell the difference with his dog. He just wasn’t the same and then was hit by a car less than a year later and though the vet said he was okay, he died in his sleep that night. We think it was from a broken heart.

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