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  • Spring has finally come. Yesterday, parts of the state were almost in to the 80's…with humidity! We had thunderstorms in the morning. Early morning. We're talkin' 3 a.m.  Ya know, when I was younger and not in this "farm" stuff, a thunderstorm was a wonderful adventure. I used to love hearing it boom and crackle and watch the lightening streak across the sky and the wind howling, lashing rain against the windows. Now I temper it against "are there crops in the field?" and "is this going to make it hard to get the field work done?". Ach. I've become a farm person. Still and all, I was okay with storms when  there is nothing in the field crop-wise and no field work to do. Like now. I said I was okay with it… until last year when the house got hit by lightening. Now I'm paranoid. I no longer feel that sense of "let the weather rage outside for I am warm and cozy and safe inside". Noooo… not so safe now. Crap.
  • You know I hate to beg, but please go visit Em's site and stop by often. She's afraid I'm the only one reading and I'm afraid if she feels that way she'll stop blogging and we all know how much I'd REALLY hate that. I mean, I see her little enough and we live in the same house! I know if you went to see her you'll like what you find.
  • I don't normally talk politics. I don't think I'm entitled to, as I don't feel I really know what's going on. We live in the midwest and no matter how many news articles, television, internet, what-have-you, when we get our information it is all second-hand and no matter how "truthfully" it has been reported, there has been a spin put on it. That I don't doubt a bit. There was an anti-war demonstrations in town the other day. For the most part peaceful. I found it interesting that there were about 300 people on one side of the road protesting the war and one lone guy on the other side. After having spoken to several people about it, I was surprised how many people should have been standing with the lone guy… but didn't. I'm not political, but when I've spoken to former soldiers and soldiers' families, they all agree they want to be there – they don't want to be pulled out until they feel they've won. They think if we pull out now all of their friends and fellow soldiers who have lost their lives will have done so for nothing. A point that keeps being forgotten is that these brave men and women volunteered for this – they weren't drafted. They are there fighting for us by choice… and they want to keep fighting. I respect them immensely and thank them for their service. I should hope people smarter than me are making the decisions.
  • I've got a wedding dilemma… will get your opinion on it later. Better brush up on your wedding protocol.  I'm expecting wisdom and good advice people.

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  1. Look forward to the wedding question — I was raised by a protocol stickler. We had two protests in our downtown area on Monday during our evening commute, which was a bit of a bear. I’m currently reading the Iraq Study Group Report and it has some interesting information. I agree that we can’t pull out at this point, but there does need to be an end point or else I fear that the Iraqis won’t take responsibility for their own government. One of the things the Report pointed out is that if we pull out and aren’t successful, then it will ruin any credibility that we have within the Middle East and Al Qaeda will use our failure as a major recruiting message.

  2. The only wedding advice I could ever give would be to elope! I did just that eight years ago and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Although, that’s probably not the advice you’re seeking.

  3. I knew this political environment would present itself eventually, being a product of the viet nam era. as a veteran who has had rocks and rotten cabbage chukked upon, been spit at and jeered and insulted by crowds of people who didn’t have a clue what they were talking about merely worked up by the popular political flavor of the day; I believe people need to sit back and ponder on what they are doing. A vast overwhelming majority of Americans wanted to go over seas and kick some butt if for no other reason than to get some retalliation for 911, and at the time the consensus was whatever it takes we band together. Now that the sensationalism is worn and the reality of the cost in lives, dollars, and inconvenience settles in, the first thing self indulgant people want is to quit. It’s like ok the excitement is gone, I’m bored let’s move on. Forget about the little details of commitments we made to Iraq, forget about the investment we already placed in the middle east, pretend that, like fictionalized weapons of mass destruction (peekaboo if you can’t see them they don’t exsist), then the eminent danger from the middle east doesn’t really exsist either.After all, how could anyone ever feel hostile towards obese, self indulgent, ill informed, hedonistic americans?

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