Revealed (a Rant)

Spring and warm weather and snow melting does not always reveal good things. Out here in the country – we are only about 3 miles from town – we get a rash of other things showing up when the snow melts. Namely, we get trash. Dumped in the ditches along the road, out in fields, wherever some cheap-minded city-folk decides he can get away with hauling his crap to and not get caught.

Some time during the winter we've had a recliner (chair)… recently joined by 10 black plastic bags, which may or may not be full of yard waste (but really, do they think the black plastic is biodegradable?)… and a console TV. One year Hubs found some bags of trash dumped near a driveway to one of our fields and the idiot was dumb enough to leave mail in the sack with is address on it. Needless to say, he got to come out and clean up the mess and received a hefty fine. Littering is not legal here… not that it seems to stop people. We've had construction debris, old water heaters, too many sacks of trash to count, and any number of cans and bottles (which are returnable for money in this state).

It's discouraging to say the least. Just because we live in the country doesn't mean we should have to put up with that crap. We don't haul our trash to your back yard!

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4 thoughts on “Revealed (a Rant)”

  1. Sue, may I UPS my garbage to you? lol. Your woes bring to mind an underground fire I supervised the con crew working on in So Cal. It seems an industrous individual with some river valley property decided to open his land to anyone who could not get their refuse past the County landfill. Apparently that included nearly every single business and many government agencies within the county. Enough bio hazardous material piled up over the years to rot away and create caverns beneath the now road level pile some 900 yards deep in which the water table managed to wet some hay or some caustic material I dare not imagine deep below the monolith of rubbish and smoke began to billow from the pile. The biochemical and physical instability of the selfproclaimed landfill made it impossible to dig up the vast layers of known and unknown materails leaving only one option; cover it with sand and allow it to smolder under supervision until it burned itself out. To the best of my knowledge it is still being supervised today. The odd thing is that despite the precise detailed records kept by the property owner, naming corporations, businesses and yes even public schools and other government departments that paid to donate to this crap pile of caustic waste, no charges were ever brought against the property owner or any one else. The monument to irresponsibility still burns away, and they wonder why their smog is so much worse than any neighbors…

  2. It’s not littering. It’s a valuable service being provided by the mysterious garbage-tossers.

    See, all there is to look at in Iowa is one, state-long corn field. These guys are conceptual artists adding something different and unusual to the landscape. It is not only entertaining, but it keeps the people driving through Iowa from falling asleep from boredom while at the wheel.

    You should thank these people. PIcking up an old water heater is much better than picking up a dead body and a mangled car. Though that would also be way more interesting to look at than one giant corn field.

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