Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

I found out today that the Brenda Lee song I’ve titled this entry with is something like the second most popular Christmas song. That’s hard to believe, what with all the songs to choose from! I was really proud of myself that I even knew who sang this… my daughter called from the mall to ask me who sang it and it popped in my head.

It’s rather a weird trivia thing my family has going. Usually whenever I can remember part of a movie stars’ name, or the name of a song, or the person who sang a song, my DH and I can come up with the name. Now my kids have picked up on this odd talent. My younger daughter can usually come up with singers from the 60’s and 70’s and more recent – and she wasn’t even born until the 80’s! She wins lots of trivial pursuit games having anything to do with old movies and old songs. I’m an old movie buff… love the old classics. Made the kids watch them many times when they were growing up – especially the Christmas ones at Christmas time.

So… when she called me today to ask about the song, I was impressive even to myself that I knew Brenda Lee sang this song. Not one of my favorites, but nonetheless it is in the spirit of the season.

Might be going Christmas tree shopping again this afternoon… just gotta get this done. It’s driving me nutso. Okay, I’m already nutso… just more so. I heard that.

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2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

  1. LOL My family does that too. We all live a few hours apart now but still the phone calls fly between us, asking “who sang” or “who starred in” or “who was that actor?”

    Ahhhh another Christmas Tree planner. I just wrote about that very thing. I hope your tree adventure goes well 🙂

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