‘fess up!

Okay, I can't link to it here… 'cause then you may see what I've already entered. I'm not sure. I don't know how that works. But ONE OF YOU got me hooked on this "FUNNY FARM" puzzle thing found on this website. I can't remember who mentioned it on their blog. I know it was someone over there on the blogroll, 'cause I'd remember if it came from someone else.

Damn you. Come forward and give me some HELP! Arrrggghhh…  Everyone else? Do NOT start this. It will drive you crazy. I promise.

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7 thoughts on “‘fess up!”

  1. mmmmm, I must confess, it was me.

    Isn’t it addictive-crazy? I still have two pink tiles to uncover, and I had to cheat. But I only cheated a :little:! I found other people’s games posted in bb’s, and I’d peek….just a smidge. Enough to springboard me on some new ideas. I keep saving mine in my yahoo notebook so I can access it at home OR work!

  2. You realize warning signs like “DO NOT CLICK” inevitably gets more people to click it?
    And I’m in the middle of exam period dammit!
    I’m so afraid to click that link that I must leave your site immediately.

  3. This should be easy since you are already ON THE FARM, and that’s no BULL or BS, you big OX. My voice is a little HORSE from singing but I’m not CHICKEN to get in front of a crowd with EGG on my face. I’m a bit of a ROOSTER that way. I am thinking of FAST FOOD for dinner tonight maybe KFC and FRIES. Do they still hold BARN dances where you are? Or is it all about the SILO, CROPS, a TRACTOR and a PLOW to make a FARMER happy? HUMANS can be like that, they are not SHEEP nor are they a LLAMA or GOAT for that matter. They just MILK the COW, feed the PIG and wish they were a COWBOY at the RODEO. HOLY COW talk about your CASH COW, what’s the deal with COWBOYNEAL? He ia a lolcow but acts lika a MAD COW. Someone should tell the DALAI LAMA

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