Skippy the Deerslayer

Deer – 3, Sue – 1.  … and how was your Friday?

I was up early to take my NEW car (the VW Beetle – Skippy) to get her very first oil change. I had to go to the neighboring town where we bought her, about 40 miles away. I decided since it had been so sloppy I'd wash her on the way, so headed into town. I saw a few deer on the road south of our house, but saw them coming from a long ways away and stopped to let them cross the road safely. Continuing on, I turned onto the paved road and hadn't gone more than 1/2 mile when one came flying over a bank, through the ditch, and right into the side of my NEW car. This is the third deer I've hit over the past 10 years, and the second in a year. The last one I killed. The guy following me told me this one just limped away. That's nice…

I have a headlight lense gone. Cracked front fender, bashed in driver's door, bashed in back panel, and badly cracked back fender. I am not happy.

Continuing my "good" day… I drove to the dealership where they proceeded to say, "we'll see you at 5 o'clock". Huh? I was getting a loaner, but thought I was going to only be stuck there for a few hours. No. I guess if you get a loaner (instead of waiting) you get the all-day treatment. Ooohhh. Since they were also fixing a couple of minor things, I said okay and proceeded to the loaner. A lovely new car it was clean and had all the ammenities. Except fuel. The fuel light was on. Sheesh. So, I go in and politely say, "I'm from out of town and I see the car is out of fuel…can you tell me where a good place to get some is?". Silly me, thinking they may actually offer to put in a bit. No. They told me there was a station up the road a piece.

Next time? It's going to be serviced here in town, if not by my own husband. We'll see what the body shop says Tuesday. My poor baby…

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5 thoughts on “Skippy the Deerslayer”

  1. Sounds like the dear hit you, but I know that is only semantics. I am sorry for the pain and suffering for you and Skippy while feeling less and less compassion for your Kamikazi Deer due mostly to your repeated cervine casualties. It explains why natural selection works. You may consder applying bumper guards all around your car while traversing the woods (old used tires works for my boat).

  2. Dang! That blows!
    (Whoa, just saw the comments about servicing and husbands. Don’t take my comment into THAT fray!)
    Hope she’s all fixed up!

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