Havin’ a Love-In

I'm a day early, but this way it will last longer and give you a chance to not miss the BIG DAY. Sizzle is having a birthday! Yes, Wednesday will be her 34th birthday. Go on over and give her a big hug and wish her Happy B-day! Go on… I'll wait.

She's a few years younger than I am (okay, a little more than a few years younger…picky, picky) but she was one of the first people I found out here in blogland when I decided to start this adventure and I loved her from the beginning. Except for the age… and geographic differences… we could be sisters! So many issues, so many doubts, so many insecurities…and yet? We keep plugging away trying to figure it out. I told her once that I wish I'd had as many things figured out about myself at her age as she does… it took me a lot longer.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sizzle… Hope you have a terrific year ahead!

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2 thoughts on “Havin’ a Love-In”

  1. that is SO sweet of you! you’re one of my first ever blogger friends and always will hold a very special place in my heart. thanks for the shout out sue!

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