They are all so positive! They make me feel good! They say the nicest things!… but then I have to delete them because they have links to all manner of sordid products and places. Yes, they are spam… and I don't mean the yummy edible kind. I think if I really had that many comments it would go to my head and I would start thinking I could quit my job and blog full time and support my family with only my one-blog-a-day wisdom. But then I would have to have that many comments a day and would have to make sure my blog is linked to some kind of ads so I could make money doing it…. and that might make some people mad who only came to read me and not to have ads thrown in their face. Guess it was all just a dream.

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Middle-aged. Anti-social. Mom. Grandma. Town-raised farmer's wife. Iowan. Want more? Come read the blogs.

8 thoughts on “338 Comments!”

  1. I get so few comments I almost welcome the SPAMMERS.

    Then I get over it and talk smack about everyone when they’re not looking. Oh yeah.

  2. I just deleted from my present post a SPAM that was at least three pages long. Spouting crap about white supremacy and other stuff that made no sense to me. I’ve come to the point where I just delete it without thinking how rude it is, getting these unsolicited peices of shit called SPAM. No emotion at all where those a*sholes are concerned! Although if I could get my hands on say just one or two of them, I’d love the opportunity to bitchslap them across the face. Nothing personal though. 😉


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