I swear, procrastination is my middle name. I've gotten worse the older I've gotten too. Why? No clue. How about you? Are you a procastinator?

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8 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  1. I used to NEVER procrastinate and now I do ALL the time. I think it came with letting go of being a people pleaser. It’s got its pros and cons. 😉

  2. My OCD won’t allow me to procrastinate. My hubby? Drives me nuts with his procrastination… guess it is true that opposites attract!

  3. I am not a procrastinator. In fact, I don’t ever remember pulling an ‘all-nighter’ in college. I like getting things done ahead of time.

  4. Um, I’m the procrastinators Queen. Put things off until it’s almost impossible to get them done with the time left. And then see who runs to my rescue to “help me.” (Usually is the hubby) Occasionally I do get stuck working like mad to complete what I procrastinated on. Which usually has me always running chronically late as well. But that wasn’t your question.

    Why yes Sue, I procrastinate. I procrastinate so much, it almost qualifies as my hobby now. 😉


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