Aggrevations – How Many Fingers Do I Have (a rant)

The true name for this post should be "Pissed Off". A couple of things are bugging me right now and I'm here to get them off my chest… 'cause, you know, I can. (In no particular order.) I promise to stop when I run out of fingers… for now.

  1. Nicole had a nice rant the other day about Butterball Turkey and customer service. I am here to provide similar grumblings about the 7-up company. I am diabetic. I still like to drink pop. I drink diet pop. However, I'm a bit odd in that I appear to have some allergy or aversion to Aspertame or other 'fake' sweeteners – except Splenda. That's the only one that doesn't give me a migraine within 30 minutes of consuming it. I read labels carefully when looking at low-sugar or sugar free products to make sure they are made with Splenda. (You see where I'm going with this, I'm sure…) Over the past couple of years there has been a big increase in the number of products that are using Splenda. I was thrilled when diet 7-up switched to using it – I've always liked 7-up – and it's rather a staple. My earliest memories of upset tummies always included saltine crackers and 7-up. Also, because it is caffiene free it was a nice bubbly beverage to have at bedtime. Well… I don't know why because they won't tell me, but they have gone back to aspertame. They certainly didn't ask me first! They came out with this new advertising about how they were "all natural" and "new formula" and all that crap… and it looks to me like they sold out and went back to the old formula with new packaging. As rarely as I contact any type of customer feedback (because how many lists is that gonna get me on?) I felt obliged to let them know they screwed up. Yes, I did it properly and calmly and didn't use one profanity, although you just know I was wanting to. A couple weeks go by and I get this email response – "Thank you for your comments. We will pass it on to our marketing department." Yeah. I'll bet they'll find a cozy place for it right in their circular file.
  2. I've left Blogger, but they haven't left me. Why is it on some Blogger sites I have to sign in with my Blogger account. I know, I know, it's because the people who have the blog have set it up for no anonymous commenters. Still. I should be able to have a choice then between Blogger sign-in or Other. I hate to have to sign in with Blogger where, if they want to come see mine they have to click through the old site first. Shouldn't things be easy?
  3. How could they (AI) get rid of Melinda?
  4. Why can't I walk out of a bad movie? Do I really think it is going to get better? (Save your money. Don't go to Spiderman 3. Or anything with Steven Segal.)
  5. If you read the note on my office door it asks you to please NOT put food-type garbage (aka lunch trash) in the garbage cans within my actual desk space. Yes, I have an actual office – with a door and a window – but the door never closes and window is just a picture window into the next office that has a window into the next office which eventually you can look outside another window. However, no windows can be opened in my space so no fresh air comes into my space except through the door which is back in the corner and is not air-flow friendly. I share this space with a large, ex-college football player who is single and wears the smelliest shoes on the planet. Seriously. So… in an attempt to at least try and make my work space livable, I have requested the rotting food items be placed in the outer office where there is fresh air circulation and where the garbage can fills up quickly and is emptied quickly. Today my office stinks. Badly. Under investigation I've found a number of violations of my request. Thanks, guys.
  6. You are a slob. You've admitted you're a slob. So on your day off when you're bored, you couldn't maybe clean up the dirty dishes instead of baking (not-sugar-free) cookies making more? I asked if you were going to maybe do the dishes. I got a non-committal answer. Not that I'm OCD or anything, but I do like to see the countertop from time-to-time and enjoy having a clean workspace to fix supper and lunches to deliver to the field. Because I had no clue when you were getting off the phone and doing said dishes, I did them. Yes, I'm an enabler. I can live with that. BUT…then did you have to make MORE? I mean, c'mon. Really. A little help here would be nice. (I see the eye-rolling and the looking at the calendar – counting the days until you are moving out into your own place where you can make your own messes and the maid no one will be around to clean up after you OR to whine or bitch at how long the dishes sit where they are left.)
  7. When I buy tobacco products for my husband, I would appreciate it if you would not look at me with that "got us another one, Mabel" trailer-trash glare. It is not for me. I will gladly tell you it's not for me, but it really isn't any of your business.
  8. Four weeks ago I contacted you, Mr. Internet Guy. I was excited because your company finally had service that I'd been promised they would have three years ago when we moved into our new house. After waiting about six months for your company to come through, I gave up and went with plan B. Now your company has the service. They've been advertising it and it is to be FASTER! and CHEAPER! and BETTER! (Yes, that is just the way I see those words in my mind. Shaddup.) So I call you. You tell me it is pretty new and you have to take classes on installation. Two weeks, you say. Two weeks later (for those of you playing along, that would be two weeks AGO) I call you again and you tell me you've completed part of the process but another bit needs to be done and it will be no longer than two weeks more. Do I call you? Do I wait? Is hell freezing over anytime soon? Gah.
  9. Last night after work I came home to water the gardens and realized I was missing two tomato plants, a green pepper plant and three flowering kale. This morning there were two more tomato plants gone and two more kale missing. a.) A deer? b.) Bunnies? C.) Crotchety old lady neighbor? This garden is two feet from my 50-lb beagle's pen. Good watch dog, is he. Guess I'm going to have to get some chickenwire to put around it. That might take care of a. or b.  If it turns out to be c. I'm turning Hubs loose with the shotgun.
  10. …and just because I have one finger left (I'll leave it to you to decide which finger this should be…) I seem to have lost some people when I came over from Blogger. Is it that big of a problem to jump that link from the old site to this one? Isn't this one much better to read? Isn't it more user friendly? (Except for stats which poor Brad has to put back on everytime I change templates… *hint*) I realize it doesn't have quite as much "stuff" over there – I lost my moon phases (trust me, I know when there is a full moon, don't need the i-net to tell me) and the weather girl (yeah, I can figure that part out myself, too) – but really, you get way more content. Right? RIGHT? C'mon, lurkers… let's hear it from the peanut gallery!

That's it. I'm out of fingers. Won't go so far as to count the toes. Will save those for another day. Thanks for coming by… you know who you are.

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11 thoughts on “Aggrevations – How Many Fingers Do I Have (a rant)”

  1. i love a good rant. the whole dishes thing? that was so me and my dad- and i’m not technically a “slob” but i usually was buried in a book and didn’t like to be told what to do. my dad was a master passive aggressor though. oh the memories! 🙂

    i didn’t watch AI last night so this is the first i am learning of melinda’s demise. she’ll still have a career i think. the top 5 usually do.

  2. 3.) Uh oh, the spoiler!!! I didn’t figure out AI (I read AL for some reason) until I read Sizzles comment. I haven’t watched the show yet, guess I don’t need to now. But it’s ok, I don’t always watch the results any ways, I just fast forward to the performances and try to avoid the lame drama and commentary on the show. My opinion is Melinda was a ringer from the beginning. She was my best guess to win, all that fake shyness didn’t fool me, she actually had extremely professional quality vocals and performance from day one. She will not suffer being dropped in the top three or four, what ever is left. Jorden is guarenteed a professional career the rest of her life if she wants it, Blake is the weak link than may very well need the win to succeed as a teen idol. Which we should remember is the name of the game.

    6.) At least the self proclaimed slob coulda made one batch of sugar free cookies? And if you are reading this moving out girl, we all gotta pitch in now and then, it’s just good manners. Take it from a veteran slob and procrastinator. I have learned over my many, many years that “Huh? What mess?” is not the correct answer, if someone feels the need to point it out, it’s time to put your back into it and help out a little. Just tmy own thoughts on the matter.

  3. As for the garden, if I may offer advice without fear of injury, if it’s wabbits…ask your local nursery or garden center for bloodmeal. Sprinkle that around the edges of your garden and it should keep the wascally wabbits away. Works well on geese too…

  4. I was so going to do the dishes. My time table is just a little different than most peoples…and sugarfree cookies are icky.
    The end.

  5. We all have days like this where we need to rant. This afternoon was one for me at work. As the last nurse other than me was seen about to walk out the back door with her purse slung over her shoulder and not saying a word. To leave me alone. With 4 patients waiting to go back, 3 sets of vaccines hanging and ready to draw up and administer, and several phone calls yet to return. EXCUSE ME??? I think NOT! Get your ass back in here and help me finish up the day! Said nurse THEN had the NERVE to bitch about the other nurse who just “walked out” … um, the other nurse came back to help us after leaving her daughter at the dentist to have 4 wisdom teeth pulled and had to go back to pick her up, then was bringing her daughter back to hang with us while she helped me finish up. “YES, she walked out, she had to GO.PICK.UP.HER.DAUGHTER.!!!” I replied. Frickin’ idiot.

  6. Everybody needs to vent and this is the place. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Maybe some chocolate and some salty fries will help. (((HUGS)))

  7. I wish more companies would use Splenda in their diet drinks. The more I read about how bad aspartame is, the less I want to keep drinking my beloved diet Pepsi. Of course, my guess is the reason 7-UP switched back is the Splenda negatively affected the taste.

  8. Yep, diet Coke addict here; contains Aspartame, so say hello to brain tumors, brain lesions, lymphoma, and it produces D Phenylalanine which means say goodbye to sleep, sexuality, and appetite. Look forward to reduced seratonin levels, migraines, OCD, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorders, and intense religious experiences?
    What can I say…diet Coke addict here, no fear.
    Diet Coke, drink ’til you see God…

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