Monday Musings

Is it really Monday already?

  • For those of you who chimed in on the last post, I'll have you all know that I DID go. There were several people there, so I wandered around a bit and was amazed to find the landscaping alone was gorgeous… their house sits up on a hill and you can't see it from the road. It's an older farm house and when you get up behind it there are lots of gardens with much more than hostas. She also had a pond and a large greenhouse. (I'm so jealous…) A large lattice covered area was full of many varieties of hosta – she claims to have over 275 varieties! I didn't even know there were that many! As I was checking out she mentioned I looked familiar – I have waved at her in passing as she's been sitting at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus to pick up her kids. Yes, I introduced myself and the light-bulb went off in her eyes. At least she didn't say, "oh… YOU". 
  • No, Michael, she didn't have tomatoes, peppers or kale but I'm really frustrated right now. I picked up replacement plants and talked to the nursery about the possibility that cutworms were doing some damage – you know, plants cut off at the bottom but just laying there. I think deer or bunnies would actually eat the plants. So, I get some bug-killer-stuff to mix into the dirt. Done. I sprayed my deer/bunny repellent on. The next morning? You guessed it. Two more tomatoes cut off. I replaced them, put much more bug stuff in and waited overnight. The next morning as I was taking the dogs out, I walked around the house to see what, if any, damage was done overnight. A squirrel was in the process of DIGGING UP the tomato plant. Digging it up!! Not eating, not cutting it off, but digging. So, I replanted it and put more deer / bunny (squirrel?) repellent on the plants. This morning? Two more tomatoes cut off and my one kale that was left is cut off, too. Next step, a fence… but don't know what to do if it is cutworms. I tried the old wives tale trick of putting a wooden match next to the stalk, too (I suppose the cutworm isn't able to cut through the wood?). I tell you, the farmer's market is starting to look better and better.
  • I didn't go to the races on Saturday night because youngest daughter had to work late and I didn't want to drive after dark. He did pretty good this week, however, coming in 3 or 4 – and is starting to get the car dialed in.
  • Spent too much time doing yard work yesterday and I've got the sunburn… and the achy muscles… to prove it.
  • Have to get the house in shape. Eldest son's wedding is coming fast and although it has been decided we aren't going to have a shower for the bride-to-be (unless we have a newlywed shower afterwards) and the brunch the next morning is going to be elsewhere, I hear he wants to have the "guys" come out to the house on rehearsal day for a cookout and to hang out. This will include his father-in-law-to-be, also, as well as some other male relatives. I could have lots of people tromping through the house that day.
  • Planting got done over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who kept the rain away until we could get done. Rain predicted tomorrow night and could be heavy. Nice to have that load off our minds. Now Hubs is helping a friend try and finish his planting.
  • Anyone watching "Heroes"?

Happy Monday~~

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8 thoughts on “Monday Musings”

  1. mmm – thought I posted a comment suggesting you go too?
    Maybe only one michael can comment per post?

    I am glad you went.

    no heroes for me.

    Take Care

  2. Uh oh, confusing Michael posts. I’m the one that likes Heroes, recorded all 16 episodes this weekend.
    I don’t know what scares away squirrels, they are a mischievious lot and will continue to steal plants just to mess with you. So, yo-yo check it out, ummm dog(?) (I guess you can’t just throw a Randy Jackson colloquialism anywhere and expect it to make sense.); in California it is a well known fact that squirrels carry around switchblades and hang out in large gangs, so be careful when dealing with them in your own ‘hood. Bring your biker buddies to negotiate if you have any…
    Oh if that fails, maybe place a small trash can nearby… that may distract them from the plants (or am I thinking racoons?)
    Final drastic measure might be to hire a lawn Gnome to gaurd your plants, I hear the Travelocity Gnome is looking for work..

  3. I hear that a Remington 870 in 12 or 20 ga is a real could deterrent for squirrles.

    If not I have a double barrel or single shot 20 ga. you can borrow.

  4. Dazd has it.

    The only other thing I’ve heard that works – sometimes – is to completely cage the plants away from squirrel-type critters. Which can be expensive.

    If it’s cutworms? Perhaps diatomaceous earth? Or for virtually any and all caterpillers, Bt – a bactertial treatment totally harmless to us, totally harmful to caterpillars – works great. Plus, you get the fun of knowing those evil cutworms died of some excrutiating Cutworm Pneumonia type thing.

    I love to use biological controls. They’re cheaper and don’t make me sick, often long-lasting (say, ladybugs) and are SO entertaining. Nothing like seeing praying mantises roaming around eating the Bad Guys.

    But I’m really totally unfamilar with the fauna issues where you are. If you like I’ll give it a little more thought.

    Here’s my current faves for biological controls:
    –I’ve been an extremely satisfied customer there for around 20 years
    –fairly new to me, but they look quite decent. That’s where I got LL’s praying mantis egg cases.

    I do realize I’m talking to a professional farmer here! But I’m hoping there’s a difference between actual Real Farming and actual Real Just Gardening. Cause the second one’s the only one I know anything about.

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