Six and Counting (a rant)


I started out with 12 tomato plants and six peppers and six flowering kale. After losing some, replacing some, and giving up the fight for awhile the last count was 3 peppers, zero kale, and six tomato plants. I forgot to mention the new raid someone (bunnies?) have made on the impatients I planted. Out of about 24 of those I planted, I've got about 10 left. Two hostas have been munched (one completely gone, one just missing limbs).

This weekend I'm going to get full assault on the enemy. I'm getting replacement plants, chicken wire, and posting Hubs out on the deck with his gun.

Just kidding… or am I?

(I updated this with the comic Michael linked to – seemed very appropriate!)

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7 thoughts on “Six and Counting (a rant)”

  1. I hear you. Rich and I are trying to get some plants established at his place, but the deer think it’s a free buffet. He’s been dousing things with Deer-Off and it seems to be working, but it’s a never-ending task.

    Will have to take photos of the plantings.

    If I could only get the photos OFF the camera I would share … !

  2. You are hilarious! I had to fence my stuff for the third year also. This time I bought a 150ft roll of only 18″ tall wire. It worked great. I can step over it without impaling myself on the wire like last year. The bunnies don’t bother to hop over it, yeah!

    As far as my flowers, (bunnies do like my impatiens too), I bought, “Liquid Fence.” It smells like rotten eggs and I warned my neighbors. Once it’s on the plant or ground and dries, it’s okay. It works for deer, too!

    Last year I planted three times and then found this foul-smelling stuff. You can go to to find a retailer. I got mine at Westlake’s which is a TrueValue company here in MO. Good luck

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