Can This Be Any More Confusing?

Okay, I’m trying to be computer savy – I know I can be. I have been in the past. Am I losing it? Possibly… Used to be I had every computer magazine known to man delivered to my door and I faithfully read every article, ad, and link they provided. Unfortunately, over the past few years I’ve let my attention lapse. Yes, the magazines still came faithfully to my door. They look wonderful and have the ‘new magazine smell’ bonded into their very being. I don’t seem to have that same Pavlovian response, however. No longer do I drool and pounce on them the second they come in the door. I put them in a stack on the nearest table where eventually one of three things happens, a) they get covered with a thick film of dust, b) they get covered by another periodical, c) they get whisked away forever by number one son who is studying such things in an institute of higher learning. Most often it is ‘a’. I am trying to figure out how to make my blog do things I see other people doing. Things like linking to other blogs and websites that I like. Listing books I’m reading or have read. Listing movies. Listing things I want to do before I’m 40. Ooops! That one is long gone… At any rate, you get the idea. One of these days I’m going to have to get serious and figure out just what it is that gets these things done on my blog. For now, I’ll just take out my frustration this way. {Other Thoughts} Today I woke with a backache – again. I’m sorry, but the ‘wonder bed’ we purchased just doesn’t seem to be so wonderful. Why? I don’t know. I guess I’ve not figured out what ‘number’ I should be. Going from a waterbed to this one I expected great things. NO backaches, for one thing. I have always experienced pain when sleeping on another bed, be it a motel, my parents’, or other so-called ‘normal’ beds. I was thinking since this bed could be dialed to a soft setting it would duplicate the waterbed and I wouldn’t have such nonsense. Well, it worked for about a week, then all of a sudden I started having the pain! I made it firmer, thinking I was getting used to it, but that didn’t seem to work. Now it seems nothing works. Hubby has no complaints. At all. Sleeps like a log. I don’t know what this means for the future, but I’m not happy. On a happier note, just for fun I checked on Rent tickets today with Ticketmaster. They’ve been on sale for quite a while. I didn’t expect much. I got 4th row, middle seats! Can you believe it?? I couldn’t… I got one for myself and #1 son and #2 daughter. They’ve seen it before and love it. Called them – they were both thrilled. Something FUN to do in October! Of course, Hubby will probably be in the field then and will have something grouchy to say about us being gone, but hopefully it will be late enough in the evening (and maybe it will RAIN or something) that it won’t cause trouble. I know I’m excited!

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